Toolkit with building blocks for carbon neutrality for companies

In the markets of the future, the most successful companies will be the ones that are the first to take advantage of the business opportunities provided by carbon neutrality.


Closed project: January 2014 to October 2016

The world is moving towards a low-carbon economy at unprecedented speed. Pioneering companies are already creating products and services for this in Finland and helping others to follow in their footsteps. The transition is progressing rapidly, and the competition is tough. But what does carbon neutrality mean for a company?

Achieving carbon neutrality requires a comprehensive transformation. This is a long process that requires the entire company’s commitment to strive for carbon neutrality, and the systematic, continuous development of its operations. In addition, the operating environment must encourage companies to change their practices and develop new kinds of business models. This makes government and municipal decisions and novel co-operation models highly important.

What do we do?

In co-operation with various companies and organisations, Sitra has been building practical tools for becoming carbon-neutral. We have created a toolkit with building blocks for carbon neutrality for Finnish companies. This means information, methods and models that will help them to compile a road map to carbon neutrality. The building blocks cover strategy, management, innovation activities, business development and emissions reduction.

Who participated?

We have co-operated with several Finnish companies in creating the toolkit. Good examples from forward-looking companies can be found in our article series.

What was achieved?

Here are the results of this co-operation.


Management and corporate culture

Emissions efficiency

New clean business opportunities

All articles, blogs and videos produced in English during the project are available on this page.

Where are we now?

In autumn 2016 FIBS started coaching Finnish companies with the toolkit built by Sitra, and we will be hearing results in the spring 2017.


Results from the project


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