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Developing a tool for companies to support self-evaluation of their fair use of data

How can a company make the smooth leap to operating in accordance with the principles of a fair data economy? A self-evaluation tool crafted in a Sitra project provides an insight into the maturity level of a company and ideas for continued development. We invite you to join the development effort!


Kirsi Suomalainen

Specialist, Communications and Public Affairs


The core of the self-evaluation tool is a maturity model based on the criteria for a fair data economy. With the help of the criteria and the maturity model, a company can assess the current state of its competence in the data economy, its desired state and the development measures that are necessary.

Divided into stages, the maturity model consists of six dimensions to be evaluated. Each dimension is measured by about 10 questions, with a starting level and target level initially defined for each. The responses to each of the dimensions are used as inputs to establish the result of the evaluation process, based on which the organisation is given recommendations on how to move to the desired stage of the maturity model.

The maturity model and the fair data economy principles are practical tools for increasing understanding and activating organisations to move towards fair data economy practices. The principles and the maturity model are based on the European Union’s data economy principles published in 2019.

The first version of the maturity model and criteria was put together through collaboration between Sitra, several specialists and the analytics and research company Gartner in the autumn of 2020. The result was the first version of the Fair Data Economy Score tool, completed in December 2020. The tool is being developed as part of Sitra’s fair data economy project.

Interested? Join us and be among the first to put the fair data economy into practice!

“Our work continues and we are looking to collaborate with enthusiastic organisations that are prepared to build a mutual understanding and consider the right direction of development for the fair data economy approach and tool,” says Senior Lead Jyrki Suokas from Sitra.

In spring 2021, the members of the network will be the first to test the maturity of their fair use of data. Read more about the programme for the coming spring.

If you’re interested, send an email to by 31 January 2021. In your message, please describe your background and your organisation’s thoughts on development.

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