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Kirsi Suomalainen

Lead, Communications, Sitra


Kirsi Suomalainen is responsible for communications of the IHAN® – Human-driven data economy and the Digital Health HUB. Her tasks also include the project of Tools for the social welfare and healthcare services.


Kirsi is a long-standing employee at Sitra and has experience in several topics, such as services for children, young people and the elderly, work well-being and management, knowledge management, service channel and electronic services. Kirsi has also contributed to communications in the Environment, Municipal and Public sector management programmes.

Communications has been Kirsi’s principal task for 20 years and the topics have varied from icebreakers, machine translation and enterprise financing to the social welfare and healthcare reform, environment, digital services, well-being and gene technology.

Work at Orion Diagnostica and the Department of Engineering Physics of Helsinki University of Technology sparked an eternal interest in following what happens in the field of science.

What else?

In her free time, Kirsi is a huge consumer of guided exercise. She goes to see theatre, dance and music performances. On their travels together, the family visits art museums, hikes in nature and strolls the streets of metropolises.

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