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The Expert Panel for Sustainable Development gets a new home

SYKE, Luke and HELSUS are taking over supporting the expert panel.


Tuula Sjöstedt

Communications and Public Affairs Lead


The Expert Panel for Sustainable Development, established by Sitra in 2013, is about to get a new home. The panel was launched as an experiment by Sitra in December 2013. The activities will now progress in a new direction as the Finnish Environment Institute (SYKE) joins the Natural Resources Institute Finland (Luke) and the new Helsinki Institute of Sustainability Science (HELSUS) in taking responsibility for supporting the panel’s activities.

In its current form, the expert panel, which has been providing input to the Finnish National Commission on Sustainable Development, supports and encourages the panel as it launches its activities. The new partnership also provides an opportunity for redirecting activities.

“We are truly glad that the work of the National Commission on Sustainable Development will also be able to utilise the strong scientific perspective of the expert panel in the future,” says the commission’s Secretary General, Annika Lindström, from the Ministry of the Environment.

What is the expert panel?

The Expert Panel for Sustainable Development was founded in December 2013 to bring scientific points of view to Finnish politics. It allows the voices of academic and internationally renowned experts to be better heard. The panel contributes to the public discourse and supports the Finnish National Commission on Sustainable Development. Its task is to challenge and evaluate the commission’s work and promote sustainable development in Finland.

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