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Forty applications for fair data economy projects from several industries across Europe

Healthcare, the finance sector and industry-independent technology projects featured among the applicants responding to an open call from Sitra for pilot funding. Different solutions for a fair data economy will be developed in the projects and the selected pilot projects will start in the spring.


The call for IHAN proof of concept pilots that opened in May 2018 ended on the last day of the year. A backlog of applications built up in the last week of 2018 and by the deadline an astonishing 40 applications had been received.

A few projects are already up and running. The first pilot project had begun as an experiment in the agricultural field well before the specification of the requirements.

Healthcare and the finance sector were the fields most represented in the applications. The majority of the applications were purely technological in nature, regardless of the industry they originated from. The applications came from Finland and other Nordic countries as well as from European countries such as Holland, Austria, France, Switzerland and Slovenia.

The applications have now been processed and more detailed negotiations will begin with those chosen to continue. Should the negotiations over issues such as the clarification of timetables and outputs go smoothly, decisions concerning financing will be made, leading to financing agreements. The vast majority of the projects will progress independently and it is hoped that the implementation of the IHAN share of the projects will get under way in March 2019 at the latest.


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