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Partnership programme supporting use of the Futures Frequency method

Does your team have an idea for using the Futures Frequency method? A new partnership programme provides training, mentoring and financial support for running projects using the Futures Frequency method.


Lilli Poussa

Specialist, Foresight

Terhi Ylikoski

Specialist, Foresight

Susanna Nurmi


In September, Sitra will start taking applications for a partnership programme to promote the use of the Futures Frequency method. Futures Frequency is a means for imagining and shaping alternative futures.

“The Futures Frequency training we held last spring attracted a lot of interest, and many people from the same organisation applied to take part. This autumn, we want to support teams and organisations in particular in adopting and using the Futures Frequency method as part of their activities,” says Liisa Poussa of the Futures Frequency team.

Projects could for instance involve incorporating Futures Frequency into a course module or the further development of the method for a specific theme.

“We are open to new ideas and will help the chosen teams with the further development of their projects,” Poussa adds.

The partnership programme includes three joint training days and team-specific mentoring. The teams chosen for the partnership programme can apply for funding to implement their projects at a later stage.

The application period is 1–30 September 2021, and it is particularly aimed at associations and other third and public sector parties. “It has been great to see how many have found Futures Frequency to be a concrete tool for encouraging people to engage in future-oriented thinking. In our rapidly changing times, it is important to stop and think about how to influence the future,” Poussa says.

Further information about the details of the partnership programme and criteria for applications will be published at the start of the application period.

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