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Responsibly – a new blog series highlights the views of mining industry stakeholders

A series of blogs will follow the progress of Sitra's major theme on responsible mining and the quest to improve communication and co-operation...


Tuula Sjöstedt

Communications and Public Affairs Lead


The mining industry is facing the same challenging world as other industrial sectors. Scarcity of resources, population growth, climate change and other global challenges are continuously changing the operating field of enterprises. Wiser use of natural resources will be the lifeline of both people and businesses.

Contact between the mining sector and many of its stakeholders is still too often solely based on permit processes, complaints and statements, or occurs only via the media. Such encounters sometimes intensify into conflicts, and the good intentions for building co-operation remain fruitless. This benefits no one, particularly in the long term. Co-existence requires compromise, reconcialiation of differing perspectives and needs, as well as discussion and meetings.

The aim of this Responsibly blog series is to highlight interesting views on and practical examples of co-operation between the mining industry and its stakeholders. The blog provides background information and fresh perspectives on the challenges and possibilities of co-operation based on genuine dialogue. It also reflects on the future prospects for the Finnish mining industry. We hope that these blogs will help to promote responsibility and dialogue among mines and their stakeholders.

The blogs can be accessed via the recommended links on the right hand side of this web page, or by searching the archive.

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