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Sitra and Cleantech Invest support One1, a provider of local renewable energy solutions


Press release by Sitra, Cleantech Invest and One

Sitra and Cleantech Invest have made an investment in One1, a Lahti-based company providing local renewable energy solutions. In addition to supporting local use of renewable energy sources, the investment facilitates the growth and internationalisation of One1. The company’s solutions enable energy companies to centrally produce renewable heat energy – such as ground heat and solar heat – in a selected area. This offers their customers an opportunity to buy clean local energy as easily as they purchase heat from the district heating system. In addition, customers are offered up-to-date information on energy use.

“This is an interesting investment, because One1’s service concept makes it possible to offer renewable energy to end users effortlessly and cost-efficiently. The company’s local energy solutions are based on each customer’s needs and special local circumstances,” says Timo Linnainmaa, a partner from Cleantech Invest.

“One1’s business operations support Sitra’s strategy of increasing the supply of renewable energy produced close to the end user. We believe that One1 has a good chance of developing into a significant provider of local energy services and comprehensive solutions in Finland and abroad,” says Sami Tuhkanen, Senior Lead of Sitra’s Energy Programme.

In solutions developed by One1, the energy needs of buildings in a specific area are largely met through locally produced renewable energy. In addition, One1 is in the process of developing a local energy portal that supports the implementation of renewable energy solutions. The purpose of the portal is to bring energy production, services and consumption close to consumers and strengthen the community. Making use of local competence in services and technologies is the key to One1’s regional solutions. The company’s local energy concept, which combines renewable energy with top Finnish expertise, has already attracted international interest.

“Environmental technology products of high quality have been developed in Finland over the years. However, their commercialisation and export have progressed slowly. One1 develops single solutions into comprehensive packages that have international market potential,” says Mika Kallio, Chief Executive Officer of One1.
“Through its operations, One1 contributes to the export of Finnish environmental technology and the internationalisation of the sector. It also brings financial, social and ecological benefits to its partners,” says Kallio.

Established in 2010, One1 is located in the Lahti Science and Business Park, which specialises in promoting the cleantech sector. One1’s business operations are based on practical needs and scientific research. Cleantech Invest and Sitra’s investment expanded One1’s funding base, enabling the company to actively seek growth and internationalisation.

More information

Sami Tuhkanen
Senior Lead, Sitra 
Tel. +358 40 548 3482

Mika Kallio
CEO, One1 Oy
Tel. +358 44 323 7707

Timo Linnainmaa
Partner, Cleantech Invest Oy 
Tel. +358 50 581 0583

One1 is a Finnish turnkey provider of renewable energy solutions.  Its solutions include development, technologies and local services as well as a local energy portal designed for service operations. One1’s solutions make use of ground heat, wind, solar power and other natural energy sources. They are based on developing and centralising renewable energy technologies as part of local heating concepts. The company seeks to use energy sources that best suit the needs of consumers and specific areas.

Sitra’s Energy Programme promotes the more efficient use of energy and increased awareness of energy issues among Finns. It also creates new business opportunities in the rapidly transforming energy sector. The Energy Programme seeks new and innovative operating models and technologies to improve energy efficiency and invests in energy-sector companies to accelerate their growth and internationalisation.

Cleantech Invest (CTI) has served as an adviser to financial institutions and companies investing in clean technology since 2005. CTI also aids cleantech companies with development and commercialisation. In November 2009, CTI began operating as a business accelerator and an early-stage venture capitalist for Finnish cleantech companies as part of the VIGO programme. CTI facilitates the development of early-stage cleantech companies by combining private investments from its CFF 1 fund with public innovation funding in a unique manner.

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