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Sitra nominated for the world’s premier circular economy award

Sitra is in line for major global recognition of its circular economy efforts.


Sitra has been nominated as a finalist in the World Economic Forum’s Circular Economy Awards.

In January, the third Circular Economy Awards, or Circulars, will announce its circular economy pioneers. The Circulars is a competition organised by the World Economic Forum and its Forum of Young Global Leaders, and consists of seven categories. 

Sitra is one of the finalists for the CNBC Award for Circular Economy Investor, for its promotion of the circular economy in both Finland and across Europe – a topic which plays an increasingly important role in Sitra’s operations. The winner will be announced at the World Economic Forum’s eponymous event in Davos, Switzerland, between 17 and 20 January 2017. The forum will be attended by key social and business decision-makers and leading minds from all over the world.

One example of Sitra’s championing of the circular economy in Finland is the publishing of its road map for a circular economy: “Leading the cycle – Finnish road map to a circular economy 2016-2025”. The road map highlights the most promising projects and policy recommendations for promoting the circular economy in Finland. The aim of the road map is to make Finland the world’s leading circular economy by 2025.

“The road map is the world’s first systemic national action plan and has already gained a great deal of international attention,” explains Mari Pantsar, Director of Resource-wise and carbon-neutral society at Sitra. 

As part of the implementation of the circular economy road map, Finland will be holding the first World Circular Economy Forum in June 2017 at Finlandia Hall. The event will showcase the world’s top circular economy solutions, with over a thousand of the world’s most well-known circular economy experts discussing the mainstreaming of the circular economy, new business opportunities and the creation of sustainable jobs. Sitra will be teaming up with international partners to organise the event, including the Nordic Council of Ministers, the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP), the World Business Council for Sustainable Development, the European Commission and the World Resources Forum.

This autumn, Sitra offered the world solutions to the global climate problem by publishing the Nordic Green to Scale report together with the Nordic Council of Ministers. It explains how significant an impact 15 proven Nordic climate solutions could have on reducing emissions to meet the targets set by the Paris agreement.

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