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Tell us about your idea or project that helps to build new security!

Sitra is inviting applications for ideas to help build new security, the ability to manage rapid change and respond to crises...


Do you, your community or company have an idea or project related to new security which would also improve society’s ability to change? Are you looking for someone who can realise your idea? Submit your idea and make it public!

Sitra’s Forum for New Security has assembled 30 people from all walks of life to consider the current challenges and opportunities related to new security. The forum, which began in autumn 2013, will involve trials aimed at finding concrete solutions to new security challenges and exploiting the related opportunities. We are now seeking security-promoting ideas and projects for these forthcoming trials.

To what kinds of challenges are we seeking answers?

In addition to traditional security themes, current security topics concern a wide range of issues such as climate, natural resources, the economy, information networks, technology, well-being, people’s everyday lives and the opportunities to make a difference.

We aim to tackle the following themes and questions in particular:

Energy and food production

  • For the sake of greater security, how can we increase the crisis resilience of food and energy production and become more self-sufficient? What kinds of local solutions are needed?

Participation and feeling secure

  • What can we do to reduce loneliness and feelings of insecurity among the older population? How can we strengthen the security network?
  • How might we better support young people’s feeling of involvement and help them to find their place in society? What kinds of ideas would be better suited to younger Finns with multicultural backgrounds or those who are second-generation immigrants?
  • How might residents become better involved in improving the security of their living environment in different parts of Finland?

Positive security markets

  • How might we go about creating businesses that do not use threatening images and concern for safety to sell their products and services? Submit a security-related idea based on positive images and opportunities!

Cyber security

  • How might we improve people’s understanding of cyber security and what means and services could we develop to improve such security within the digital world?
  • How might Finland take the initiative and lead the way in creating international ground rules for dealing with cyber attacks?

Other new security ideas?

What kinds of ideas are we seeking?

Security concerns each and every one of us – from individuals to communities, the business world and the public sector. We are interested in any new ideas or models that bring concrete improvements in security and have the potential to build trust and promote co-operation between various actors.

New security ideas increase crisis resilience and our readiness for change at all levels of society. They incentivise people to take care of one another and take responsibility for their own security and that of close friends and family. In addition, they stimulate topical public discussion of security, taking account of a range of values.

Best ideas will be tested and piloted

The 10 or so best ideas will be selected for further development by Sitra and the Forum for New Security. This will involve a jointly developed practical trial of the idea, lasting from one day to four weeks. The aim is to test the idea and its concrete effects in practice. These trials will be performed between 20 January and 7 March 2014. During further development, ideas can be modified or combined with other ideas.

Sitra will participate by financing the trials and providing expertise, as well as becoming involved in various collaboration processes. Details will be agreed on a case-by-case basis with those conducting the trials. In cases where the originators of the idea do not feel that they should undertake the trials, we will seek an alternative candidate together.

Sitra will provide up to 5000 euros in funding for the trial. Such funding can be used to cover the costs of third party experts, communications and dissemination of information, and evaluative studies.

The goal of the trials is to find a long-term project owner and funder from Finnish society for the most successful pilots. See here for more details on our experimenting culture (Finnish only).

Do the following

Provide us with a description of your idea and other details on the form at the end of this link, by 5 January 2014.

All ideas will be made public on the internet, but you will not be named. Do not include any business secrets on the form. If you have a new business idea for increasing security but which needs to remain confidential, contact Kalle Nieminen (

Participants in the Forum for New Security will evaluate the ideas. Those who submitted the best ideas will be contacted in mid-January 2014. We will post information on our progress in evaluating the ideas on our New Security page on Facebook (in Finnish).

Submit your idea via this link

Sitra’s Forum for New Security has assembled 30 people from all walks of life to consider the current challenges and opportunities related to the ‘new security’. At the Forum, trials will be conducted to find concrete solutions to the new safety challenges and to exploit the related opportunities. 

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