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Wanted: circular economy solutions that change the world

Do you know a company with a solution that can shape the world?


Antti Lehtinen

Specialist, Communications and Public Affairs


Organisations and businesses need inspiration to take part in the circular transition. To provide that inspiration, Sitra is collecting a selection of circular economy solutions that are among the most viable, promising, scalable and impactful in the world.

“World-changing circular economy solutions are scattered around the globe. Our aim is to collect a list of the most promising and impactful ones. We are also evaluating their social impact to make sure that the listed solutions contribute to making the transition to a circular economy fair. We will, for example, look into how the solutions impact job creation and what environmental impacts they have”, says circular economy specialist Maria Hughes from Sitra.

The circular economy can bring savings for companies, improve efficiency, attract investors and bring competitive advantages globally. Adopting a circular economy is not only a wise business move but also essential for a sustainable future.

In the future, most of the value creation of companies will come from circular economy business models of which Sitra has identified five: product as a service, renewability, sharing platforms, extending the product life cycle and resource efficiency and recycling.

From 2016 to 2019, Sitra has curated a list of the most interesting Finnish examples of the circular economy. With this list, we have challenged Finnish companies to respond to the needs of a changing world as well as showcased the most interesting solutions and applications of the circular economy to new audiences.

The list of world’s leading circular economy solutions aims to do exactly the same – but this time on a global scale.

The list of leading circular economy solutions will be presented at the next World Circular Economy Forum. The WCEF will be bringing together 2,000 circular economy thinkers and doers from around the world.

Solutions can be suggested using an online form by 17 April 2020. All submitted solutions will be evaluated by Sitra and Deloitte specialists and selected companies will be interviewed. Based on the survey and interviews, we will conduct a list of change making circular economy solutions from around the world.

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