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What does the future hold for the education sector?

Sitra's Forum for New Education wants your ideas, suggestions and plans for the future of the country's education sector...


Heli Nissinen

Senior Lead, Communications and Public Affairs


Do you, your organisation or business have an idea or a project related to the future of the education sector? Are you looking for someone who can realise your idea? Make your idea public and it just might happen!

The future of the education sector depends on a wide range of parties in different sectors of society. The Finnish education sector is full of development projects and successful local experiments that deserve to be disseminated. That is why the Forum for New Education has launched a call for new ideas and existing projects that can help to develop Finnish education.

The forum has also set up a special website on which development ideas can be posted. All ideas are welcome, whether intended as small, local experiments or major reforms. Visitors to the website can also like other people’s ideas and post comments on them. The forum wants people to be bold, question other people’s ideas and give their views on how to improve them. 

Every idea counts

Individual parents, students, teachers and head teachers are all crucial in bringing about change.  In addition to education administrators, interest groups and researchers, businesses and the third sector will also play a greater role in the education sector. Learning will no longer be limited to educational institutions, but more and more informal and self-motivated models will be introduced, making us all contributors to the education sector’s development.

The best ideas will be developed with the support of the Finnish Innovation Fund Sitra. All ideas will gain visibility through the website, providing opportunities for networking with other active parties. The deadline for submitting ideas and comments is 1 March 2015.

What is the Forum for New Education?

Sitra’s Forum for New Education is a group of 31 people from all walks of life tasked with examining the challenges associated with “new education” and formulating a vision for the future. The Forum began its work in December 2014, with the goal of experimenting on how to achieve its future vision quickly and efficiently. For these forthcoming experiments, the forum is now seeking ideas and projects that promote Finnish education and learning.

You can read more about the Forum for New Education and its progress on our website or Facebook page.

Share your ideas here: Forum for New Education’s call for ideas (page in Finnish).


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