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Young people to plan the exhibition on the future with Heureka and Sitra

What will Finland be like in the future? What will our thoughts be about health and well-being, how will we travel, what will we eat and how will the natural world that surrounds us look?


Preparations are under way for the exhibition Finland in the Year 2067, organised jointly by the Finnish Science Centre Heureka and Finland’s future-oriented fund Sitra. The exhibition is about Finland and being Finnish in the future. The interactive and engaging exhibition will open windows to the future and provide tools for gaining an insight into what’s to come. The most important themes in the exhibition are well-being, work, health, travel, living and learning. Seven siblings from the future will guide the visitor through Jukola of the future, an interactive exhibition.

The exhibition will open in November 2017 to celebrate Finland’s centenary and Sitra’s 50th anniversary.

The exhibition tour to begin in March

The doors to Jukola of the future at Heureka will open in November, but before that, the designs for portraying the siblings will drawn up via a series of evenets organised for young people across Finland. Over the course of six months, the Finland in the Year 2067 tour will visit seven places: Oulu, Turku, Joensuu, Jyväskylä, Pori, Helsinki and Inari.

On the tour, young people will be able to take part in building the main characters of Heureka’s exhibition, the siblings from the future. The aim of the tour is to increase awareness of the future among young people and create some discussion about our future choices. Participants can explain their views and understanding of the future in a visual survey. They can talk about their choices with Heureka’s funny and likeable friendly robot Pepper. The first destination on the tour will be science centre Tietomaa in Oulu on 7 and 8 March.

In addition to the tour, some of the most popular YouTubers such as Mansikka, Hermanni, Vinkare, Pinkku Pinsku, Soikku and Sami from Justimusfilms will talk about themes related to the Finland in the Year 2067 exhibition on their own channels. You can follow the tour on its journey through Finland on Heureka’s and Sitra’s social media channels.

The timetable and the venues of the Finland in the Year 2067 tour

7-8 March – Tietomaa, Oulu
6 April – ME house, Pansio, Turku
11-12 May – Scifest, Joensuu
31 May – Toukofest, Jyväskylä
10-11 July – SuomiAreena, Pori
11-12 August – Tubecon, Helsinki
18-20 August – Ijahis Idja, Inari

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