Atte Jääskeläinen

President, Sitra


Atte Jääskeläinen, Sitra’s new President, started in the position in August 2023. The future is emphasised in his thinking. In line with Sitra’s mission, Atte therefore enjoys being able to find solutions to even the toughest problems. The President’s duty is to make sure that Sitra works effectively, develops its operations and produces valuable results for Finland.


Atte initially completed a law degree at the University of Helsinki and he trained on the bench. He completed his dissertation in 2023 and is now a Doctor of Science (Economics and Business Administration). After a few years as a financial journalist, he ended up managing major newsrooms for 22 years at newspapers, the Finnish News Agency STT and the Finnish Broadcasting Company Yleisradio. He then worked as a visiting fellow at Oxford University and LSE in London and as Professor of Practice at LUT University, while consulting broadcasters in Europe on topics such as how to benefit from AI and digital transformation. Before joining Sitra, Atte was responsible for higher education and science policy as Director General at the Ministry of Education and Culture.

What else?

Atte likes building and renovating and usually goes to work by bike. In his management work, Atte often contemplates the future state worth striving for, towards which we as people are ready to endeavour. Atte feels Finland’s success so far has been self-created. “The future is exactly what skilled people make it look like.”