Bing Zhu

Professor and Director, Institute of Circular Economy, Tsinghua University

Bing Zhu is a scholar in industrial ecology and resource efficiency with a special focus on circular economy theories and their applications in China.

He previously specialized in energy systems engineering, but shifted his research focus to resource efficiency and circular economy. He was appointed by the relevant government departments responsible for macro economy, science and technology, and national statistics to serve as Scientific Coordinator to organize more than 30 institutions to carry out two national-level circular economy research programs. Now a Member of the Inter-Ministerial Panel of P. R. China on Circular Economy, he works with his team to actively provide scientific support for China’s circular economy. At Tsinghua University, he is the Director of the multidisciplinary Institute of Circular Economy.

Bing Zhu is speaking at the following WCEF2017 sessions:

Tue 6 June at 11.00 : Economic Research on the Circular Economy

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