Published February 17, 2017

Economic Research on the Circular Economy

The session will include discussions on the macroeconomic implications of circular economy strategies and their effects on growth and jobs for economies. Required policy measures and private and public investments will also be analysed.


11.00 Session opens
3 questions discussed by Paul Ekins, University College London, Scott Vaughan, IISD, Anders Wijkman, Club of Rome, Anni Huhtala, VATT and Venkatachalam Anbumozhi, ERIA:
Research question 1: ”How should we be measuring and studying the circular economy?”
Research question 2: ”What are the macroecomic implications of the circular economy around the world?”
Research question 3: ”Which are the best economic policies for transitioning to a circular economy”
Key takeaways Brendan Gillespie, Green Solutions Network
12.30 Session closes
Moderated by Brendan Gillespie, Green Solutions Network


This session is related to the following Sustainable Development Goals:

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