Hironori Hamanaka

Chair & Special Research Advisor, ICLEI Japan & Institute for Global Environmental Strategies (IGES)

Hironori Hamanaka has experience in government and the environment.

He has previously served as the Chair of IGES Board of Directors and taught at Keio University as a Professor. He has also served as the Vice-Minister for Global Environmental Affairs as well as other important positions at the Ministry of the Environment. While serving with the Government of Japan for more than 35 years, he devoted his administrative career to intergovernmental negotiations in areas including the Kyoto Protocol, its implementing rules, and the development of national policies to implement it. Based on his professional career, he served as Co-chair of the Compliance Committee under the Kyoto Protocol and the Chair of its Facilitative Branch.

Hironori Hamanaka is speaking at the following WCEF2018 session:

Tue 23 October at 14:00 : Sustainable Consumption: a Driver for Circular Economy and Climate Benefits

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