Jelmer Hoogzaad

Founder, Shifting Paradigms

Jelmer Hoogzaad is one of the authors of the Circularity Gap Report, which concluded that the world is only 9% circular.

Hoogzaad states that we need to understand how resources serve societal needs. From that understanding we can start developing business opportunities which can meet these needs with far less resources and energy. This requires a metabolic analysis, which is the mapping of flows and stocks of resources in a geography or jurisdiction. Hoogzaad applies this approach in an iterative process with stakeholders in Lao PDR, Almaty in Kazakhstan and the province of North Holland in the Netherlands. In earlier years, Hoogzaad supported the private sector in developing countries to take climate action and attract climate finance. Hoogzaad is also an associate with Circle Economy, a cooperative in Amsterdam.

Speaking at the following WCEF2019 sessions:

Tuesday 4 June at 11.00-12.30: Circularity metrics and the fair use of data


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