Kaisa Koistinen

Director, Me & MyCity, Economic Information Office TAT

Kaisa Koistinen has an extensive experience in international disaster management and development co-operation.

Me & MyCity is a learning concept aimed at sixth-graders and ninth-graders, covering society, working life and entrepreneurship. It is a Finnish education innovation that has received international acclaim. Kaisa has worked in UNHCR, Ministry for Foreign Affairs and the Red Cross. For several years she led the Finnish Red Cross Balkans disaster relief operation and successfully managed significant achievements on rebuilding the structures of the society, especially in the field of health care. Since then she has worked for organisations in the fields of corporate social responsibility, fundraising, communication and public affairs. Now she has her focus on diminishing social inequality and exclusion of children, youth and families in Finland.

Kaisa Koistinen is speaking at the following WCEF2018 session:

Tue 23 October at 11:00 : Education for the Circular Economy

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