Karen Dahl Jensen

Nordic Product Development Manager, Nordic Ecolabelling

Karen Dahl Jensen has been expanding her knowledge in ecolabelling for 15 years.

The Nordic Swan Ecolabel is a voluntary ecolabelling scheme that evaluates a product’s impact on the environment throughout its whole lifecycle, thus making it an obvious tool for promoting circular economy. Currently she is the Nordic Product Development Manager at Nordic Ecolabelling. Before this she was in charge of development and quality assurance of chemical technical products and services in Nordic Ecolabelling. As chairman for the competent bodies in EU Ecolabelling, she has worked to align the way applications are handled between them. Karen has also worked with the approval of products and services for both the Nordic Swan Ecolabel and EU Ecolabel in the Nordic region, Europe and Asia.

Karen Dahl Jensen is speaking at the following WCEF2017 sessions:

Tue 6 June at 13.30 : Branding Circularity for Consumer Value

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