Karl Vrancken

Research manager, sustainable materials management , VITO

Karl Vrancken has broad experience in projects on circular economy, waste management and treatment, secondary raw materials and best available techniques (BAT).

He is responsible for the strategic management of VITO’s Materials programme, is senior expert on circular economy and has a part-time assignment as professor at the University of Antwerp (Dept. Bio-engineering). He started by working in the environmental engineering industry. He worked as a Detached National Expert with the European IPPC Bureau in Seville. Karl is consortium chairman of the EEA European Topic Centre on Waste and Materials for a Green Economy and chairman of the European Circular Economy Research Alliance. He is chair and member of several conferences and committees.

Karl Vrancken is speaking at the following WCEF2018 sessions:

Tue 23 October at 14:00 : Circular Economy’s Frontier of Knowledge

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