Markus Terho

Director, Nature and daily life & PSLifestyle


Markus Terho and his Sustainable Everyday Life team inspire and help Finns to find their own way to build a good life that is sustainable. He leads a team involved in developing proven ways of accelerating the sustainable transformation of society. These are now being shared with – and developed further by – teams of changemakers in other countries. This increases the impact of Sitra’s work.


Markus has decades of solid experience in sustainable development, both in creating strategies and visions and in putting them into practice. He holds a master’s degree in Technology.

By creating positive recommendations on new sustainable choices in daily life for individuals and households, and by making their benefits and impact visible, we can accelerate change towards a more sustainable future. Inspiring large numbers of people to take an active role in sustainability will lower carbon dioxide emissions and put pressure on governments, municipalities and companies to act faster. Mitigating climate change is such a tremendous global challenge that we need everyone’s contribution.

Markus believes that work should be fun, and that when it is you get better results. The old motto of technology students that even serious things need not always be done joylessly through gritted teeth describes this attitude very well.

Contact Markus if you would like to know more about 1.5-degree lifestyles, the motivations behind people’s everyday choices, consumption-driven emission reductions, inspiring people, the choices made by pioneering consumers, sustainable consumer business or replicating tested practices internationally that have been developed and tested in Finland.

What else?

Time off is spent enjoying the Finnish archipelago, birdsong, family and friends, food and music. Markus believes that by 2030 our personal status will be shown by the sense of humour of our virtual assistants.