Markus Terho

Project Director, Sustainable Everyday Life, Sitra
Kuva: Miikka Pirinen
Kuva: Miikka Pirinen


Markus Terho and his team encourage everyone in Finland to make sustainable choices in their daily life and help companies that have developed sustainable consumer products and services to grow through experimentation.


Markus has decades of valuable experience in sustainable development, both in creating strategies and visions and in implementing them in practice. He has a Master’s degree in technology.

In Markus’s opinion, work must be fun and that way it also provides better results. The old motto of technology students – according to which even serious things need not always be done joylessly and through gritted teeth – describes this attitude very well.

Contact Markus if you would like to know more about the impact everyday life has on nature, what enthusiastic pioneers are doing, sustainable consumer business or new behavioural trends abroad.

What else?

The Finnish archipelago, birdsong, family and friends, food and music take up Markus’s free time.

He believes that by 2030, people’s personal status will be shown by the sense of humour of their virtual assistants.

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