Marleena Ahonen



Marleena Ahonen works as a specialist in Sitra’s circular economy team. For Marleena, the circular economy is one of the world’s best and most inspiring strategies for a sustainable, meaningful tomorrow, towards which everyone can be inspired to build.


Marleena has a holistic approach to development, the circular economy and to the whole world, with a people-oriented emphasis. Marleena’s favourite topics include the processing industry, recycling, the gas economy, renewable energy, strategic life-cycle assessment, cleantech, climate change, environmental impacts and foresight.

She has worked previously as a sustainable development consultant, held an internship on cleantech in Los Angeles and also participated in a project in Tanzania. Her approach combines the best high-tech and low-tech solutions.

Marleena has a Master of Science degree in Environmental Engineering and a strong science background from Aalto University.

What else?

After work, Marleena channels her energy into dance classes, acrobatics and adventures in Helsinki and elsewhere, in or by the sea.

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