Riikka Marjamäki

Senior Lead, Sitra


Riikka is a specialist in international politics, who believes that even the smallest people can achieve big things by making wise choices. At Sitra, Riikka heads the course on the future of the EU and promotes co-operation between various parties.  


Riikka’s professional background is in conflict resolution and education. She believes in dialogue, because she has seen how it puts an end to violence and disputes. Encountering people, creating safe spaces and having even difficult discussions motivate Riikka, because genuine and honest dialogue achieves sustainable change.  

Riikka graduated as a Master of Social Sciences from the University of Tampere. What she learned there included the global scale and an understanding of the big playing field, which make up the core of Riikka’s expertise. She has also learned through her experience how to change the world and solve these major issues through education.  

What else?

In her free time, Riikka cherishes the best possible day-to-day life and family. She loves gardens, pilates sessions and good books.  

Riikka believes that equality between people brings happiness. 

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