Roald P. Lapperre

Director General for the Environment and International Affairs, Netherlands Ministry of Infrastructure and Water Management

Roald Lapperre works with (inter)national climate policies, sustainability and environmental affairs among others.

He previously served as Deputy Director General for Water Affairs and Spatial Planning and as Deputy Director General for Agriculture and Nature Management. He has also held several managerial and policy positions within the Ministries of Economic Affairs, Agriculture and Innovation, as well as the Government Service for Land and Water Use. Mr. Lapperre has served as president of the International Meuse Commission, as spokesperson in the weekly EU Special Committee of Agriculture (SCA) and as Agricultural Counsellor to the Netherlands Permanent Mission in Geneva. In the past he has been chairman of the WTO Committee on Agriculture.

Roald Lapperre is speaking at the following WCEF2018 session:

Tue 23 October at 14:00 : Sustainable Consumption: a Driver for Circular Economy and Climate Benefits

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