You should. When you use the Internet, everything you do produces great amounts of data. Take the Digiprofile test to find out what your digital type is.

Did you already find out your digital profile? Great!

We put together a summary of the most important tips for you and answers to puzzling questions. You can also view the various digital profile options and see the right answers to the questions that survey your knowledge of the data economy.

Kuvituskuva: eläinhahmoja ja isoja kysymysmerkkejä

Digiprofile test – FAQ

Kuvituskuva: kädessä kännykkä, jossa eläimen kuva sekä kaksi muuta eläinhahmokuvaa

Digiprofile test – profiles and tips

Kuvituskuva: pöllö lukee kirjaa, jonka kannessa lukee kaikki vinkit.

Tips for securing your privacy in a digital environment

Digitrail survey

Our survey monitored the flow of individual data. Find out the results.


On the trail of personal data

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Sitra’s recent survey probes the secret life of data collected about us

Data collected about people is hidden in complex networks.

Data collected about people is hidden in complex networks


Respect for privacy will become a source of competitive advantage and an aspect of corporate responsibility

What is this about?

The use of various digital services and devices creates a trail of data. However, it is difficult for individuals to understand the ways their personal data travels in digital services.

Get a glimpse into the data economy through the following short video:

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What do we do?

Using six test persons, Sitra has studied what data is collected of us as we use digital services and how that data is used. The preliminary results (available in English in February) of the digitrail survey were published on the international Data Protection Day 28 January 2020 in Sitra’s Where’s my data? Citizens’ digital print event, which is also available as a video (only partly in English).

We created a digiprofile test to help you understand your own digital behaviour and the ways you can influence how the data collected about you is used.

The Digitrail survey and Digiprofile test were created as part of Sitra’s IHAN – Fair data economy project, which aims to restore confidence in digital services. A fair data economy means consumers’ increasing control over who collects their personal data, and when and how the data is used and for what purposes. In practice, this is shown by new, transparent services and the way in which digital services and products enhance our everyday lives.

Who is involved?

We prepared the questions for the digiprofile test together with experts who specialise in digital behaviour and the data economy. Our partners in defining the profiles were the University of Oulu and Copenhagen University of Technology.

To prepare the questions, Sitra’s experts were joined by the University of Oulu, Copenhagen University of Technology, TIEKE – Finnish Information Society Development Centre, TEK – Academic Engineers and Architects in Finland, and MyData Global. Frantic Oy was responsible for the technical and visual implementation of the test.

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