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Foodhub in the Uusimaa region

Do you know who produces your food and how it is made? Finland is currently piloting a new partnership model for food production and consumption: a foodhub. Food producers in the Uusimaa region are joining forces to offer high-quality seasonal food directly to consumers.


In the existing food system, the consumer and producer are far away from each other. As a result, the producer does not always know what the consumer wants. On the other hand, the consumer has very limited chances to obtain information about production or to influence the production process.

The purpose of this project is to promote Finnish foodhub operations: collective food production, new ownership models and divided consumption. The project increases the availability of sustainably produced local food, transparency of the food system and respect for food.

What do we do?

The project brings together food producers and consumers in the Uusimaa region through a new partnership model. A consumer makes an agreement with a producer, and the agreement guarantees that the consumer will regularly receive high-quality food from the producers. The food is delivered to distribution points, from where consumers can easily pick up their food bags.

The foodhub enables a fair price for the producer and consumer, and gives easier access to high-quality seasonal local food all year round. The foodhub also makes the food on offer in the Uusimaa region richer and more varied with provision of agricultural, garden and fish products produced within the region.

Who is participating?

The project is implemented by ProAgria Svenska Lantbrukssällskapens förbund rf. The other participants are Svenska lantbruksproducenternas centralförbund SLC and the Herttoniemi food co-operative. Sitra is involved in launching, funding and steering the project.

Where have we got to so far?

The agricultural partnership pilot scheme will be implemented with Sitra’s assistance. The results of the trial will be made available to everyone. The foodhub makes agreements with the farmers committing themselves to the pilot during the autumn and attracts consumers to the scheme.


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