Growth from Data programme

The programme inspires and guides Finnish companies to develop new data-driven business based on fair rules and principles. The concept and material help organisations run the programme independently and cost-effectively.

What is it about?

The Growth from Data programme is based on the training pilot projects on data-driven business conducted under Sitra’s IHAN fair data economy project. About 20 companies participated in the IHAN business programme and 40 companies took part in the IHAN business boost project (link only in Finnish) co-ordinated by the Finnish Junior Chamber.

Futurice, Innovestor Ignite, Verona Consulting, the Finnish Junior Chamber and Taival Advisory are among the companies and organisations that have contributed to the programme and its associated material.

Where are we now?

TIEKE, the Finnish Information Society Development Centre, used industry-specific Growth from Data online training (in Finnish) in 2022 to support the tourism and restaurant sectors, which faced a challenging situation in the aftermath of the Covid-19 pandemic.

TIEKE’s initiative was the first training activity to be implemented under the Growth from Data programme concept. During the journey of change, the participating companies received training from leading specialists in areas such as service design and the ecosystem approach. The webinars reached nearly 500 entrepreneurs across Finland.

Two new courses that support the development of data expertise and data-driven business will start in 2023. The courses are based on Sitra’s Growth from Data programme.

Implemented by Tieke and Going Green Oy, Datamatka (data journey) is a training programme that supports, for example, nature and food travel sector companies located in sparsely populated areas with the development and regeneration of their business through data. The training programme also has a strong sustainability dimension, as companies that complete the programme can also choose to apply for a travel industry sustainability certificate.

Applications for TIEKE’s Data journey programme (link only in Finnish) are being accepted until May 2023.

The sparring-based Growth from Data Kasvupolku® growth programme is particularly aimed at supporting companies that seek strong growth through data-driven solutions and helping them get started. Provided by KasvuOpen, the training focuses on growing the business of the participating companies with the help of sparring from some of the leading gurus in their respective fields. The companies selected for the Kasvupolku sparring programmes can take part in a competition for the title of growth company of the year.

Read more about KasvuOpen’s programme from their website (link only in Finnish).

Growth from Data material package (only available in Finnish)

The material prepared for the Growth from Data programme provides Finnish companies with information and tools that support the development of new services with the help of data. The Finnish-language material is suitable for use in all industries and is intended particularly for business development in the SME sector.

The package is structured to allow organisations to run the programme independently and can also be used to run a partial programme or a programme on a modular basis.

The updated programme features a revised structure, and the content has been updated based on feedback from the companies that participated in the pilot projects and from the specialist trainers.

The material constitutes a comprehensive package of information about the data economy, and the tools include various templates, benchmarking materials and videos.

It can be downloaded here (link only in Finnish).

Read more

Experiences of the participants in the pilot programmes

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