Growth from Data programme

The programme inspires Finnish companies to develop new data-driven business based on fair rules and principles. The concept and material help organisations run the programme independently and cost-effectively.

What is it about?

The Growth from Data programme is based on the coaching pilot projects on data-driven business conducted under Sitra’s IHAN fair data economy project. About 20 companies participated in the IHAN business programme and 40 companies took part in the IHAN business boost project (link in Finnish) arranged by the Finnish Junior Chamber.

The Growth from Data material prepared for the programme provides Finnish companies with information and tools that support the development of new services with the help of data. The Finnish-language material is suitable for use in all industries and is intended particularly for business development in the SME sector. The content is currently being finalised and the work is set to be completed in April.

The templates, tools and supporting background material – 125 files in total – are being created to allow organisations to run the programme independently. The material can also be used to run a partial programme or a programme on a modular basis.

The updated programme features a revised structure and the content material has been updated based on feedback from the companies that participated in the pilot projects and from the specialist coaches.

Futurice, Innovestor Ignite, Verona Consulting, the Finnish Junior Chamber and Taival Advisory are among the companies and organisations that have contributed to the programme and the material along the way.

Where are we now?

TIEKE, the Finnish Information Society Development Centre, is using industry-specific Growth from Data coaching to support the tourism and restaurant sector, which faces a challenging situation created by the pandemic.

TIEKE’s coaching programme (link in Finnish) will be in the form of online training that will last until the end of 2022. During the journey of change, the participating companies will receive coaching from leading specialists in areas such as service design and the ecosystem approach.

The coaching will begin in April 2022, with the online learning environment is set to begin at the same time. The participating teams will start their journey together in April or June. It is also possible to join the coaching along the way on an independent study basis.

Interested in organising a programme?

Know your target audience. What are their needs and wishes with regard to the use and sharing of data? What aspects has your industry made good progress in? What areas need to be developed the most?

The material will be completed in April 2022 and you can order the package by sending an email to

Think about how the material will serve the participants in your programme. What sections are important? What sections should be updated to serve participants from your specific industry even better? Will you conduct the programme with conventional in-person training or will you work online?

Find out more about the journey of change taken by the companies that participated in the previous pilot projects to get ideas and tips for running your programme.

Contact Sitra and let us know you want to organise a coaching programme. Our specialists will help you get started.

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