IHAN-business programme

The programme, held in Finnish, helps SMEs adapt to the changed operating environment with the help of data. Fair data sharing is seen as a competitive advantage.

What is it all about?

The IHAN business programme is intended for small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) and its aim is to help them create new business with the help of data. The programme language is Finnish, and its duration is six months.

The application period for the IHAN business program has ended. All applicants have been notified of the selection decision by e-mail. We will publish the names of the companies selected for the business program in August.

Why apply?

1. You will learn how to transform your company’s business operations with the aid of data

During the programme, the company will find answers to several strategic questions, such as:

  • How do I develop new data-based products and services together with my customers and partners?
  • What kinds of skills does my company need for the transformation?
  • How can I involve my partner network in business development?

2. Leading specialists will spar with you and your company

The best fair data economy specialists in Finland will provide sparring and help your company create new business with the aid of data according to your company’s development needs. Their specialities include service design, business models, technology architecture, legal and contractual affairs, and financing, and they will ensure that the development ideas created during the programme are implemented in practice.

3. You will get a chance to develop new data-based products and services and implement them in practice

Services will be developed with a customer-oriented approach using service design methods, in which customer feedback is taken into account in the early phases of development. This ensures that the service truly solves the customer’s problem.

4. Your company’s growth and development will be measured and assessed during and after the programme

After the programme, all participants will have a clear view of what was achieved. Sitra’s co-operation partner will create an impact assessment for every participating company.

Who can apply?

The company must be willing to transform their business operations. Creating value together with the company’s partners lies at the core of the programme. The company must have reasonable financial means for making investments in business development as well as time for participating in the programme activities.

The company must be de minimis eligible. De minimis support allows the use of public funds for supporting companies’ business activities.

Programme Info

The IHAN business programme will be launched in August 2020.

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After reading these materials, if you are interested in applying for the business programme, provide us with your contact details and we will send you the participation application and the de minimis notification form by email. The above-mentioned materials will also be included as email attachments.

You can also find more information about the business programme by watching the following webinar recording (in Finnish):

IHAN-yritysohjelma pähkinänkuoressa 2 – kysy ja kuule! webinar, held on 20 April

Why is the programme being organised?

The goal of the programme is to test the IHAN project’s tools, materials and lessons learned together with SMEs. During the programme, we help Finnish SMEs create services that comply with the principles of the fair data economy. In these services, data sharing that is based on trust and the individual’s consent is considered a competitive advantage.

The training materials developed during the business programme will be made publicly available for further development and general use. Our goal is that as the concept evolves as many parties as possible can either make good use of the lessons learned or teach others.

Note: The original application period for the business programme has been extended due to the coronavirus pandemic and the changed operating environment.

Application period.
Selected business programme participants will be notified.
The work of selected participants will begin with a workshop in Helsinki.

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