Sustainable business from data

A fair data economy is built with the co-operation of companies that use data responsibly. Join the ranks of pioneering companies.

What is this about?

Data has become the world’s most valuable raw material. At present, however, few are able to make extensive use of data, and the rules are unfair.

The Europan digital strategy published in early 2020 provides guidelines for building a trust-based data economy model. The goal of the fair data economy led by Sitra is a human-driven European data market where personal data flows more freely and where data is available to operators of all sizes, with data shared fairly between different-sized companies and bodies in the public sector. New business models and new, innovative digital services benefit society as a whole.

What do we do now?

The data economy is built together with an extensive stakeholder network.

We provide information and research on fair data economy themes in the form of various studies and reports.

We involve companies in promoting best practices in a fair data economy and, in particular, help SMEs build services in line with the principles of a fair data economy.

The IHAN testbed allows companies to familiarise themselves with the tools of a fair data economy. A self-evaluation tool ”Fair Data Economy Score” crafted in a Sitra project provides an insight into the maturity level of a company and ideas for continued development.

Rulebook for a fair data economy

The tools and agreement templates in this rulebook, which is open to all, make it easier and faster to build and join fair data economy networks.

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A fair data economy is created together.

What's this about?