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Sitra’s training package for fair data economy business programmes

In 2020, Sitra launched a pilot version of the IHAN business programme, which included an extensive set of training materials. The materials have now been compiled into a package to benefit the facilitators of similar business programmes.


Kirsi Suomalainen

Specialist, Communications and Public Affairs


The goal of the IHAN business programme’s pilot version, which started in autumn 2020, was to help Finnish SMEs reform their business operations by using data. The core of the programme consists of business models that use data as a raw material and the creation of value from shared data with partners while following common rules.

The business programme is based on a concept that is easy to use and supported by training materials that different facilitators can use independently and cost-efficiently and develop even further.

The training package (available in Finnish) includes all the materials used by the participating companies and facilitators – tools, workshops and presentations as well as instructions on how to make the most efficient and productive use of the package. The package includes 251 files (updated material package was released in Finnish on 6 May 2022). The package is built to allow the facilitator to run the programme independently.

The goal is that as the concept evolves, as many organisations as possible can either make good use of the lessons learned and create new business or offer training to other businesses using the materials. The participating businesses will learn the same methods and tools for business model development, which will support co-operation between businesses.

The business programme offers a platform to generate ideas for new business based on data in collaboration with partners. Ideas are then tested and evaluated through a systematic method. The process will also improve the readiness of businesses to adapt to the post-crisis environment. The practical outcome of the programme will be a business model and a feasible plan for launching new business.

The programme is based on six steps (Leaps):

  • Leap 1. New beginning: determining the customer profile, building a preliminary version of the new business model and identifying data repositories and potential partners.
  • Leap 2. Together: creating a customer value promise, promoting the new business model and launching the data network co-operation.
  • Leap 3. Transformation: specifying the business model in more detail with the aid of testing and creating a skills map.
  • Leap 4. Start moving: creating a transformation plan and a preliminary architecture description for the solution.
  • Leap 5. More speed: implementing the transformation plan, testing the business model continuously and implementing the development proposals on the skills map.
  • Leap 6. Onwards: developing the service continuously, completing the transformation and monitoring the results.

The building of the IHAN business programme began as part of Sitra’s fair data economy project IHAN in 2019, and the concept was tested and evaluated in collaboration with partners prior to its launch. Launched in August 2020, 22 businesses took part in the first programme, and in spring 2021 the IHAN business boost involved 40 participants.

Sitra continues to develop the concept and the next generation of the Growth from Data programme will begin in early 2022.

Link to the material package updated 6 May 2022.

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