IHAN technical development community

The IHAN technical development community is a community that aims to promote a consent-based fair data economy via human-driven technical know-how.



A forum created to build a brand-new data economy and to design the technical foundations for a fair data economy. It is a forum where the IHAN Blueprint is tirelessly discussed, torn apart and rebuilt again – a community that promotes the consent-based fair data economy via human-driven technical know-how.

For whom?

It is designed for developer communities, specialists, experts and professionals within the fields of information systems, architecture and technical architecture, personal data management, data security, identity management and the GDPR (the European General Data Protection Regulation).


Because you’re one of those who strongly believes that fair data exchange is achievable and would generate new growth. Because you know privacy is not dead but it’s rather just propaganda to make us give up , and because you believe you have something to contribute as well as something to gain professionally. Also, you’re probably sick and tired of the platform economy creating data siloes and believe the current data economy model is well past its sell-by date – and that the open ecosystems will eat it for breakfast.

How to get involved?

Join one of our numerous workgroups where we will further improve the IHAN® Blueprint. Do you work in the field of identity, consent management, logging or data transportation? Or are you interested in developing services based on IHAN®?  Give us a little bit of your time and expertise and take part in the various workshops we are running until 2021. After that, we at Sitra will take a back seat and the world will be your community oyster.

Ready? Here we go:




IHAN Technical Workshop: Services

Helsinki, Monday, Sep 02

IHAN technical workshop: Data transportation

Helsinki, Monday, May 20

IHAN technical workshop: Distributed log

Helsinki, Tuesday, Apr 09

IHAN technical workshop: Consent

Helsinki, Monday, Mar 18

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Project Director, Health data 2030

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