Call for Solutions: Most Interesting Data Economy Solutions

Sitra looked for the most interesting data economy solutions in Finland in an open call in 2023. The list of Most Interesting Data Economy Solutions showcases Finland’s most insightful data-driven solutions.

What is it about?  

Data is a rapidly growing resource that offers opportunities to transform the economy and society. We need to harness our good data resources so that data and the knowledge derived  from it can boost Finland’s economy, business competitiveness, service development, increase well-being and solve the sustainability crisis.   

The data economy Data economy An area of the economy where the collection and use of data are a key part of activities. Open term page Data economy is building tomorrow’s economy today. Successful future business models will increasingly rely on the use of data. Data can provide a variety of benefits in areas such as business supply chain management, better targeting of services to users, improving operational efficiency and fluency, sustainability and work productivity. New solutions can improve users’ daily lives and help the public sector to develop innovative solutions by combining data from different sources to meet such needs as health, learning and mobility.  

The transition to and success in the data economy marks a significant change and an opportunity for companies and other operators.  

Sitra wants to boost the ongoing data economy development through an open call for the most interesting fair data economy solutions in Finland. We want to highlight 

Sitra wants to encourage Finns to develop data-driven activities and solutions using the inspiring examples selected for the list. Pioneers will inspire the expansion of the fair data economy and the collection of solutions on the list can encourage others to make better use of data.  

Sitra has previously compiled similar lists of the most interesting circular economy companies in Finland, showcasing current and interesting circular economy business pioneers. Now it’s the turn of the data economy – submit your application now!  

What do we expect from solutions?  

We are looking for solutions that use and combine data in new and interesting ways. The solution can be a product, a service or a specific approach. There can be one or more Finnish companies or other organisations involved in the solution. At least one of them must be registered in Finland. The solution must already be used in practice, not only an idea.  

The solutions will be evaluated on the basis of the following criteria:  

See also the Questions and answers article (in Finnish).  

Application instructions  

The application period was open between 17 April and 12 June 2023.  

Evaluation of the solutions  

The solutions included in the list will be selected by a panel of experts convened by Sitra. The panel will make an overall evaluation based on the evaluation criteria.   

Members of the panel are:  

The list will be the panel’s view of the most interesting current data economy solutions. The aim is not to choose the best data economy companies or organisations in Finland. If there are several similar solutions among the applicants, the panel may consider grouping them into a single example or selecting only some of the applicants.  


17 April

Application period starts. 

12 June

Application period ends. 

Evaluation starts. 

Selection of solutions to be included on the list. 

The panel of experts decides on solutions to be included on the list. 

Interviews with the selected organisations. 

Interviews are conducted with representatives of the solutions selected. 

The Most Interesting Data Economy Solutions list is published.  

Other terms and conditions  

Sitra complies with the Act on the Openness of Government Activities. This means that, as a rule, documents related to the application are public and they can be subject to an information request based on the act. Personal data is processed in accordance with the Privacy policy for the Finnish Innovation Fund’s (Sitra) interest group and marketing register.  

Sitra may make minor changes and further clarifications to the terms and conditions of the application process, such as extending the application period. Any changes will be published on this website. We therefore advise applicants to check the application website in order to take account of any changes.  

Sitra may cancel the application process if circumstances have changed to such an extent that Sitra no longer considers carrying out the process to be appropriate.  

Sitra reserves the right to exclude from the call any solution or applicant that breaches the terms and conditions of the call or applicable legislation or that is otherwise considered to be ineligible to participate in the call. Sitra also reserves the right to remove a solution from the list later if it becomes apparent that the above exclusion criteria are met.  

The applicant’s contact person will be informed by e-mail of the exclusion or removal from the list.  

Applicants are responsible for the accuracy of the information they provide.  

Contact us

Emma-Leena Kemppainen
Specialist, Competitiveness through data
Tarmo Toikkanen
Senior Lead, Competitiveness through data

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