The sprint towards a circular economy for the built environment

Sitra’s “Sprint towards a circular economy” will accelerate the move of the property and building sector towards a circular economy. A network of pioneers will develop operating models for the sector and disseminate good examples.

What is it about?

The built environment consumes a major part of our society’s resources. The maintenance of buildings requires a lot of energy, and construction swallows vast amounts of materials. But what if the built environment were to produce resources instead of just consuming them?

In our vision, a built environment compatible with the principles of a circular economy cleans the air and produces energy. The built environment acts as a kind of material bank for our society, where construction and physical premises are replaced with services.

We aim at inspiring companies and experts within the property and building sector with the opportunities offered by a circular economy. In co-operation with the industry, we want to develop operating models and tools by which the whole sector could reform itself towards a circular economy.

What are we doing?

We are organising the “Sprint towards a circular economy” for experts within the sector from 1 March to 30 November 2018. During the project, for example, procurement and design processes will be developed in a more favourable direction for a circular economy. The sprint includes workshops and expert groups. The process will create new operating models and tools that comply with the principles of a circular economy.

We will be disseminating the results of the sprint at seminars and other events intended for the property and building sector. The goal is to instill the term “a circular economy” in the vocabulary and strategies of everyone in the sector.

Who is involved?

The project is implemented by the Green Building Council Finland. A wide variety of property and building sector experts, companies, researchers and representatives from local authorities are invited to take part in the workshops and expert groups.

Where have we got to so far?

In spring 2018, more than 60 experts within the field convened in two workshops to define the meaning of circular economy and goals for the sector. As a result of these encounters a report sharing a joint vision was created (This is how we build a circular economy. Seven objectives for establishing a circular economy in the property and building sector).

The work will continue in expert groups, who will develop operating models for reaching the goals. In November 2018 we will be presenting the results at a seminar, after which we will focus on disseminating the results within the sector during spring 2019.

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