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Climate Aid brings art and climate work together in November

Climate Aid is a climate movement that activates people through experiences and helps grow carbon storages.


The Climate Aid week takes place in 18. – 24.11.2019 and includes science, arts, hope and action. The week is supported by Sitra.

In addition to experiences, Climate Aid offers an opportunity to help in a concrete way. Climate Aid collects small and large donations, which will be used to grow carbon storages – swamps and forests – both in Finland and elsewhere in the world.

The campaign will culminate to the Climate Aid Finland concert, which is held at the end of the week on 23.11. The concert, which takes place in Musiikkitalo, is a multi-disciplinary art experience about climate change. It is free to the public. The performers include 150 volunteer orchestra musicians and choir members. Their works convey messages from different centuries.

The home of the Climate Aid movement is Citizen Forum and the movement has been made possible by numerous people and organizations. The movement is supported by Sitra (main sponsor), EK, SAK, STTK, Akava, S-ryhmä, Fortum, Helen, Neste, Tieto, Varma, Positive Impact and Ellun Kanat. More information about the week and the donations can be found at www.climateaid.fi.

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