Published February 17, 2017

Financing the Circular Economy

The financial sector must take a key role in enabling the shift to a global circular economy. This session discusses how the principles of a circular economy can be incorporated in investment strategies and portfolios, and thus help reduce risks in an ever more volatile global market.


13.30 Session opens
”Public financing for the Circular Economy” – keynote by Ruxandra Dgrahia-Akli, European Commission
”Private financing for the Circular Economy” – keynote Amra Balic, BlackRock
Keynote dialogue ”Public and private investors supporting sustainable business practices together” – Ruxandra Dgrahia-Akli & Amra Balic
Discussion on ”Investing into circular businesses”
Werner Schmidt, European Investment Bank, Frido Kraanen, PGGM, Jamie Butterworth, Circularity Capital, Petri Alava, Infinited Fibre Company
Key takeaways by Stephen F. Lintner
15.00 Session closes
Moderated by Timo Mäkelä, Sitra


This session is related to the following Sustainable Development Goals: