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Image: Minna Hemmilä

Published June 11, 2019

Future News 2030 – have a listen to the future of healthcare

Fictional news stories give you a glimpse of our vision on personalised and sustainable well-being.
Leading Specialist, Communicatons, Sitra

What happens if you get injured while travelling abroad and healthcare professionals desperately need your health data to be able to help you? Is it possible for children with diabetes to do extreme sports in the same way other kids do? Can the symptoms of MS patients be suppressed so that they can live active every-day life?

At the moment, the world of health data and healthcare innovations is changing so fast that the answers to those questions depend on whether you look at the status quo or just a few years ahead.

That´s why we put our imagination to work and created three audio pieces of Future News 2030  that take a peek in the future, based on our IHAN fair data pilot projects that are underway already as we speak.

You can find these Future News underneath. They are also available for listening at Sitra’s section, The Future Lounge, at HIMSS Europe 2019 that takes place in Helsinki from 11th to 13th June.

At the Future Lounge you can also meet our pilot project partners who are working every day to make these glimpses of personalised, human-driven and sustainable well-being into reality.

We believe that healthcare and our wellbeing is going to get a lot more personal.

You´re warmly welcome to our Future Lounge to find out what that means in practice!

Future News 2030: Safe travels, may the data be with you!


Future News 2030: MS patients using data to take back control


Future News 2030: Measuring blood sugar made rediculously easy!


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