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Osaamisbotti uncovers the latent expertise of job applicants

Job applicants can bid farewell to completing forms and let Osaamisbotti uncover latent skills. This also saves time for employment services.


The job applicant clicks on a link that adds a contact in Skype called Osaamisbotti. The applicant and Osaamisbotti engage in a text chat. The bot asks questions and the applicant responds. The bot may ask the same questions repeatedly and ask them in new ways. This is how it uncovers the applicant’s latent skills and abilities.

Osaamisbotti is a new digital and activating employment service.

Osaamisbotti has already been in use by the City of Tampere, says Tommi Koistinen, a member of its development team.

“The feedback from the OMA [expertise, motivation and activity] coaches in employment services has been good: they feel Osaamisbotti is light and easy to use,” says Koistinen.

Osaamisbotti is a new digital and activating employment service. Its core functions are the mapping of latent expertise, activating job applicants and monitoring goals. It replaces filling out forms with interviewing job applicants.

Osaamisbotti supports the OMA coach working with employment services and is his or her work partner. The bot reduces the time the OMA coach spends on routine tasks.

“Usually, the OMA coach makes the first call to the applicant, attempting to identify the latent expertise of the job applicant,” Koistinen explains. “Now this groundwork has been automated. It also helps the job applicant.”

“A telephone call is too quick for many applicants, where it may be difficult to think of answers,” he adds.

The pace can be determined by the applicant when interviewed by Osaamisbotti and it can be stopped and continued later.

Based on the discussion, the bot drafts an expertise profile of the applicant, which is summarised on a specific expertise card. It is a PDF file that is somewhat similar to an ordinary CV and contains the applicant’s profile picture. The expertise is highlighted in a clear and summarised manner.

Osaamisbotti does not just ask about employment history and positions, but examines the expertise of the job seeker and what he or she could do.

The big change for employment services is that the expertise bot can be used daily. Before, it was typical to only be in contact with the job seeker once every three months.

“Osaamisbotti puts communication on a completely different level. It can contact the applicant and ask if there is anything new to talk about. The pilot scheme in Tampere has demonstrated that active Osaamisbotti users have become employed effectively,” says Koistinen.

The original idea started with the concept that today’s need for expertise in workplaces can change very quickly, especially for those with higher education degrees. One month there is a need for one type of expertise, but the next month something new is needed. Often, managers do not have enough time for supporting expertise and its development.

Osaamisbotti is always looking forward. It does not just ask about employment history and positions, but examines the expertise of the job seeker and what he or she could do. That is one reason young people are the clear target group for Osaamisbotti.

“Today’s youngsters do not like to talk over the telephone. They are used to using social media channels. They can be used when they want to and the young people themselves have full control.”




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