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Want to know what future job skills we need?

Machine learning can help, states Nesta’s Senior Researcher Jack Orlik.


How can governments foster a society in which everyone can benefit from digitalisation? In his opinion piece, Nesta’s Senior Researcher Jack Orlik summarises the message of Digital Frontrunners, a program launched by Nesta in 2018 to help governments from Belgium, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, the Netherlands and Sweden to make policies that are smarter, more inclusive and fit for the future.

Through the Digital Frontrunners program, researchers at Nesta found that similar approaches to skills anticipation and job matching are being applied in Finland and Sweden.

In Finland, the Ratkaisu 100 challenge prize run by us at Sitra awarded €500,000 to Headai, an organisation that uses artificial intelligence to map skills needs and provision. Headai’s “micro-competencies” service analyses around 1,000 job advertisements daily to identify which skills employers are looking for. It also aims to map the skills that are available in the workforce by drawing from various sources of open data available online.

Read more in the article originally published on Apolitical.co.

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