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WCEF Side Events in 2024

As part of the World Circular Economy Forum, WCEF Side Events will be organised throughout 2024. This list of events will be updated monthly.


Reetta Kohonen

Specialist, Global collaboration, Sustainability solutions


WCEF Side Events present circular economy solutions from around the globe. They address specific topics related to the circular economy and the role circularity plays in the economies of the future, as well as in the fight against climate change and the nature crisis.

Side events can take place any time during 2024, excluding the days of the annual forum (15-18 April). If you are interested in organising a side event, please submit your application by filling in the application form and sending it to Note that it takes a few days to process and upload the events on this list.

The organisers are responsible for all practicalities, expenses and inquiries related to organising and participating in the side events. Side events may be organised either virtually or locally.


WCEF Side Events are part of the World Circular Economy Forum concept. The organisers of these events have an opportunity to present their circular economy solutions and engage international and local audiences. They also get to highlight their work in supporting the development of a circular economy.

All WCEF Side Events are independent events organised by one or more hosts. The hosts of each side event are responsible for all practicalities and expenses related to organising the event, including the virtual event platform and tools, possible venue, programme, invitations, registration, marketing and communications. Sitra will not be responsible for any practical arrangements or costs.

As the initiator of the WCEF concept, Sitra will promote the side events on the WCEF project website, in WCEF newsletters and on social media, based on the information submitted by the side event host in the application form.

If you are interested in organising a WCEF Side Event, please submit your application to using the application form. New side events will be added to this list monthly.

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