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Forum for New Security initiates practical experiments


Since November 2013, 30 people from all walks of life, assembled by Sitra to form the Forum for New Security, have been considering current challenges and opportunities related to ‘new security’. Forum members have now selected 11 ideas for use in practical experiments on how to solve new security challenges and promote the related opportunities.

The 11 ideas were selected from among 150 proposals, of which some 100 were submitted in response to Sitra’s open call for ideas and around 50 were generated by the Forum for New Security.

Planning of the practical experiments is now under way. These ideas will be further developed and specified according to need, in order to discover a suitable implementation method. Development and implementation are being conducted in cooperation with the public administration, cities, municipalities, libraries, security sector and service design professionals, and various associations and organisations.

Trials help to refine theoretical ideas

The results of the trials will be gathered by 10 March 2014, after which the lessons learned will be evaluated using the approach developed by the Forum as a ‘sounding board’.

“We will use the experiments to investigate whether the theory-based approach developed by the Forum for New Security can be applied in practice. The lessons learned will be evaluated in comparison with the Forum’s work in order to form an understanding of new security based on both theory and practice,” says Eeva Hellström, Senior Lead of Sitra.

She adds: “Through these experiments, we also want to provide other players with the opportunity to get involved in the development of ideas and their practical implementation”.

New security has been addressed by the Forum from the perspective of five themes: cyber security, security markets, resilience, participation, and dialogue and cooperation.

Once the experiments have been completed, the Forum will continue its work by honing the new security concept. The final results of the Forum for New Security will be published by the end of spring 2014.

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