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Catalyse action: 100 Smart everyday choices

There are at least one hundred ways to reduce a personal carbon footprint while making everyday life easier, healthier, and more comfortable. Here is the ultimate list.


Emma Hietaniemi


100 Smart everyday choices is a tailored tip list of brilliant everyday choices that can save us time and money or improve quality of life while reducing carbon footprints.

We have calculated the environmental impact of each smart choice. After taking the lifestyle test visitors can use it to explore the suggested measures or the site can be revisited any time when in need of inspiration for how to live a more sustainable life.

The tips can be sorted depending on their environmental impact size and/or topic area (living, transport, food, other goods).

We have also calculated the potential impact should one million Finns make the same choices – because there is strength in numbers. Duplicate the method to provide an easy to-do list of the different kinds of ways to reduce one’s carbon footprint. Many of the tips are applicable in any cultural context, but make sure to include more regionally suitable ones and exclude the ones that do not apply in your region.


  1. In one hundred there is something for everyone. With this list you can emphasise that there is no one single way to live sustainably.
  2. Identifying which choices get the most site visits helps you to determine what the most interesting or controversial smart choices in your region are.
  3. The list can be easily modulated to different needs and target groups. This keeps the content newsworthy in the long run.

Results – Finland

  • The list of the 100 Smart everyday choices has attracted well over 100.000 site visits.
  • The choices have been featured in dozens of magazine articles and utilized by different kinds of companies and NGOs.


Download the method as a pdf version: Catalyse action: 100 Smart everyday choices (pdf)

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