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Would you like more information on the methods and principles of future-oriented thinking? Do you want to learn more about future studies or find other people who are excited about the future? The materials listed on this page will help you get started.


There are plenty of guides and materials about future-oriented thinking and foresight to suit various needs. A few of them are listed here. Have we missed something important? Send a message to Mikko Dufva to let us know.

Foresight materials in Finnish

  • TOPI – Learning materials on future studies: Material compiled by the Finland Futures Research Centre. Covers methods as well as theory. Includes a future studies glossary.
  • Futures Day: Futures Day is celebrated annually in March. The goal is to make future-oriented thinking more familiar to people and discuss different futures. The Futures Day website features support material for thinking about the future and organising future-themed events for schools, municipalities, companies and other organisations.
  • Futures Guidance: Developed by the Finland Futures Research Centre, Futures Guidance helps identify different futures and the opportunities associated with them. It also helps build understanding of the factors that influence choices. The website includes tools and exercises for thinking about choices at different stages of life. Suitable for areas such as educational guidance and youth work.
  • Art-filled journeys into the future – methods of futures education for children in lower stage comprehensive school: This guide offers a wide range of tools for teachers and educators to think about the future with children in lower stage comprehensive school.
  • From signals to stories about the future – a brief handbook on foresight: Written in the context of social investing, this handbook focuses on preparing for the future and seizing opportunities. Provides a description of one foresight process, from outlining the operating environment to taking action.
  • Methods and tools for foresight and strategy-related work: A Facebook group with a wide range of methods for future-oriented work.

Foresight materials in English

Courses on foresight and future studies

  • Finland Futures Academy: A network coordinated by the Finland Futures Research Centre that organises basic-level teaching on future studies at several universities.
  • Certified Foresight Professional: A course on foresight and future-oriented thinking organised by the Finland Futures Research Centre. Aimed particularly at people who work in organisational development.
  • beFORE Foresight Course: An open online course for studying futures research.
  • Futures Thinking specialisation: The IFTF’s paid course on future-oriented thinking on Coursera.
  • Become a futurist: Sohail Inayatullah’s paid online course on future-oriented thinking.

Key players in Finland

  • National Foresight Network: An open network of Finnish foresight participants open to everyone with an interest in the future. Coordinated by the Prime Minister’s Office.
  • Committee for the Future: The parliamentary Committee for the Future discusses factors that influence the future and publishes reports related to this theme.
  • The Finnish Society for Futures Studies: An association that promotes futures studies and their application. Its activities include publishing Futura, a scientific journal on futures studies.
  • Finland Futures Research Centre: This academic research institute specialising in futures research and foresight within the University of Turku is the largest of its kind in the Nordic region. It conducts research projects, teaches futures research and co-ordinates the Finland Futures Academy.
  • Futures Finland: A platform and network for professionals in future-oriented thinking and other people interested in the topic.
  • Futures School: Operating under the Finnish Children and Youth Foundation, the Futures School provides futures education for children, young people and professionals who work with them.

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