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Getting to grips with a trend

What impact can a particular trend have on your own community or organisation? The template for trend card analysis helps you to visualise change and identify how you can influence the future. 


Terhi Ylikoski

Specialist, Foresight

Sanna Rekola

Specialist, Foresight

Lilli Poussa

Specialist, Foresight


The trend cards can be used to stimulate and stretch your thinking, brainstorm new ideas and envision what the future could be. Trend cards can also be used to see how different future developments will affect the way your community, organisation or company operates. The template created for this purpose provides a framework for examining the changes caused by trends, both in society and in your own operations. The working method also draws attention to each community’s own sense of agency. The future does not just happen, it is made.  


The template can be used face-to-face or virtually. Choose a trend card that interests you (you can use Sitra’s trend cards or other trends you are familiar with) and read it at your leisure. Analyse the trend through the template questions. Proceed in the order of the template. Write down your observations in the text boxes on the template. If you are working in groups, share your findings with other groups at the end.  

Bonus: at the end, you can challenge your thinking by bringing a new perspective to the discussion. In this case, choose a new trend card and examine the observations you have just made in the light of this trend. What tensions and connections are there between these trends? 


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