Globe League Finalists
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Jyväskylä Contemporary Theatre Association


The “What does it feel like now?” campaign

What does climate change feel like on your skin? This association’s idea was to place different kinds of people across Finland in situations in which the speculative effects of climate change are tested by examining physical sensory experiences and the sensations caused by them. The purpose of the test situations was to offer a light-hearted “simulation” of these effects for possible future needs. Short videos were recorded of the tests and formed the core of the concept.

The tests are simple and easy for anyone to carry out. For example, they may simulate extreme weather phenomena, sudden changes in the population structure or even encountering new species. The aim is to use an artistic approach to create a new perspective on the risk of climate change. We will build a recognisable phenomenon that is at the same time both a communal piece of art that lives in digital channels and a collective reminder that climate change will affect us all very profoundly, as can already be seen in some parts of the world. We should keep this in mind even after the warmth of summer has gone.

The solution combines comedy and tragedy in a way that evokes thoughts, increases empathy and encourages people to take action and think about the future. We believe that good humour always springs from observations that are both shocking and amusing. At best, this tension leads people to reassess their actions and values and creates the preconditions for thinking and changing their behaviour.

Jyväskylä Contemporary Theatre Association is one of the Globe League finalists.

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