Globe League Finalists
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MLL Laajasalo and Reason ry


MLL Laajasalo and Reason ry joined forces to set up a Globe League team. Reason ry provides education on reasonable consumption with the help of Toy Doctors in the family cafes and afternoon clubs of the Laajasalo local association of the Mannerheim League for Child Welfare (MLL).

By offering education about reasonable consumption we increase people’s awareness of their choices and encourage them to be reasonable consumers. As we only have one planet, it is vital for natural resources and the climate that we change our consumption habits. Reasonable consumption, or identifying the difference between needing and wanting, requires practice and must begin in early childhood. We start this revolution from the smallest unit in our society – the family.

Our Globe League team trains instructors. We created the Toy Doctor training material and organised Toy Doctor training for 10 general upper-secondary pupils who would be experts by experience. The Toy Doctors introduced the ideas of reasonable consumption to children and their educators through play and drama pedagogy. We arranged appointments with the Toy Doctors in the family cafes and schoolchildren’s afternoon clubs of MLL Laajasalo. The theme of the appointments were reasonable consumption. We toured shopping centres with the Toy Doctors and launched the concept of reasonable consumption education.

In the future, we want to see the ideas of reasonable consumption included in the Finnish maternity package and on the pages of the child welfare clinic card. We also want to expand the network of Toy Doctors to the rest of Finland and throughout the Nordic countries.

Happiness can be found in reasonable everyday choices.

MLL Laajasalo and Reason ry are one of the Globe League finalists.

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