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Solutions on a world map! workshop

The world is full of advanced projects, encouraging progress and initiatives that were not immediately apparent when creating the vision. By organising this workshop, you can move from the theoretical level to the level of solutions in the theme of your choice.


Jenna Lähdemäki-Pekkinen

Specialist (on extended leave), Foresight


In order for the future vision to be realised, long-term work is required to determine the solutions that will achieve the vision. The world is full of advanced projects, encouraging progress and initiatives that we are simply  unaware of yet. Let’s make them visible together and compile them on a world map!

(You can see an example of a vision here: Next era of well-being)

Do the following

  1. Form small groups
  2. Spend 15 minutes writing down initiatives or solutions to the questions below. Download printable cards on which you can make a note of the solutions. When searching for solutions, you should focus on a specific theme, such as democracy or working life. Ideas for solutions can be found at the end of this text. You can also use more than 15 minutes for this section. Note or answer the following.
  3. a) The country or city in which the solution/initiative is located.
    b) The objective and scale of the solution/initiative.
    c) What makes this solution interesting?
    d) Where can I find additional information about it?
  4. Share the solutions you wrote down with the group. You have 10 minutes for this.
  5. In your group, vote for which three out of all the solutions presented in the group you want to include in the joint world map. If there are not many groups, you can also choose more solutions to include in the map. You have five minutes for this.
  6. Each group marks their own initiatives on the world map.
  7. Examine the map. What would the world look like if these solutions were used extensively? Are the solutions geographically concentrated in a specific region?

Download a printable world map onto which you can mark the solutions.

Links to social innovations and solutions:


Once you have connected your vision with the solutions for day-to-day life, you can proceed to the next exercise in building your vision. With the Scaling up the solutions tool, you can consider the scaling up of the solutions you identified.

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