Heräämö: How Does our Perception of Time Affect Building the Future?

Heräämö: How Does our Perception of Time Affect Building the Future?

Short termism is a prevailing phenomenon in our time. Our relationship with time influences our daily actions and decisions, both in everyday life and in long term planning. How did we end up here, and what factors prevent us from examining time from a long-term perspective?

The significant challenges faced by contemporary society have evolved over the long term. What is the modern human’s perception of time? Can we learn from both the past and the yet-to-come to shape a better present and future?  How do the characteristics of modern society and the psychological traits inherited from our ancestors influence our perspective on time? 

Join us on April 4 as we explore how our perception of time influences our approach to the future. The topic is introduced by Richard Fisher, the author of The Long View, and Sharon Greene, co-founder of Alice Labs. 

If you would like to familiarize yourself with the topic in advance, here are a couple of tips: 


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Societal forces shortening our time perspective
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Individual drivers and temporal biases
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How can I participate? 

This is an online event. Participants who have registered for the event will receive detailed instructions closer to the event date. The event will be held in English.

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To set up your own satellite, all you need, besides a group of people, is an internet connection and a computer screen to follow the Heräämö broadcast. 

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What is Heräämö? 

Heräämö is a breakfast event series in which we create shared understanding of how we might tackle wicked problems with leading experts in the field. The events are open to all who wish to broaden their horizons in relation to positive societal change and who want to network with others engaged with similar topics.