HIMSS Europe 2018
Working together to advance digital health in Europe

Can you picture yourself being part of a data revolution leading to a human-driven data economy? Are you passionate about finding better data sharing solutions in the well-being sector?

If you answered ”yes” to both or either one of these questions, Sitra, the Finnish Innovation Fund warmly welcomes you to find new ways to collaborate at HIMSS Europe Conference on 27-29 May 2018 in Sitges (Barcelona).

HIMSS Europe and Health 2.0 are collocating the most influential digital health conference of 2018. The HIMSS Europe 18 & Health 2.0 Conference will be held on 27 – 29 May in Sitges, located just 25 minutes away from Barcelona. The conference will include sessions which will address the digital health ecosystem such as digital transformation, cybersecurity, interoperability and data into knowledge.

Our programme keeps you inspired both off-site and at the venue. In addition to innovative and intriguing presentations in the official conference programme, we will host two side events which you can participate free of charge.

Please find out more about our new project, IHAN® – Human-driven data economy, here.

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Madis Tiik


Monday 28 May

Conference programme
10.30−11.30 am

Personal Health Record Initiatives

IHAN® – The New International Protocol to Boost Human-Driven Data Economy
Jaana Sinipuro, Project Director, Sitra
Conference programme
2.00−4.30 pm

Workshop: Empowering Patients and Citizens to Become CEOs of their Own Health 

Sitra hosts tables with following topics:

Drivers for human-driven solution

– GDPR2.0: How citizens can confidently grant real-time access to their own data stored in different places around the internet, so that service providers can create new kinds of services benefiting everybody?
Moderators Antti Larsio, Senior Advisor, Sitra and Jyrki Suokas, Leading Specialist, Sitra

– Unregulated lifestyle data sits in silos and is hard to reach – could the MyData approach work and what might be right incentives for sharing?
Moderator Jaana Sinipuro, Project Director, Sitra

Sitra side event
(free of charge)
6.30-7.30 pm

 8.00-10.30 pm

Inside insights on IHAN®

Introduction to IHAN® – Human-driven data economy
– What´s Human driven data economy all about?
– Presentation of the first version of MyData console used in human-driven elderly care
Future health 3.0 solutions in everyday practice – new ways to interact between health professionals and patients
– Location: Hotel Calipolis Sitges, Av. Sofia, 2-6, 08870 Sitges

– Spanish dinner

Tuesday 29 May

Sitra side event
(free of charge)
8.30-10.00 am

Inside insights on IHAN® – The next steps

Human-driven data economy: what´s in it for me?
The discussion continues in a practical manner. How can I join the network? What kind of governance model would work? Should we establish a foundation? How do we continue with different pilot projects? What are the next steps? All these questions are on the agenda and much more.
Location: Hotel Calipolis Sitges, Av. Sofia, 2-6, 08870 Sitges
Conference programme
10.30-11.30 am
Stakeholders’ Townhall: Accelerating the digital transformation
Panelist: Pia Heikkurinen, Theme Specialist, Sitra
Conference programme
12.00−1.00 pm

Securing Data, Protecting Privacy

Finnish blueprint for practical implementation of GDPR – New act enabling the secondary use of health and social data
Hannu Hämäläinen, Senior Advisor, Sitra
Conference programme
2.00−4.30 pm

Workshop: Unleashing the Power of Data through primary and secondary use

Sitra hosts tables with the following topics:
Regulated & unregulated data – how to get most from both worlds?

Moderator Jaana Sinipuro, Project Director, Sitra

Working together for data economy – how to attract bigger research, development and innovation investments to Europe and create new forms of cooperation? What are the joint collaboration models to serve customers better, boost business and build citizen trust in the secondary use of health and social data? 

Moderator Saara Malkamäki, Specialist, Sitra
Conference programme
2.00−3.45 pm

Moving Digital Health Beyond Pilots

Panelist: Pia Heikkurinen, Theme Specialist, Sitra


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