HIMSS Europe 2018

Sitra on mukana 27.-29. toukokuuta Barcelonan läheisessä Sitgesin kaupungissa järjestettävässä HIMSS Europe 2018 -tapahtumassa, jossa meillä on puheenvuoroja ja työpajoja virallisessa konferenssiohjelmassa sekä kaksi Sitran omaa oheistilaisuutta hyvinvointidataan ja ihmislähtöiseen datatalouteen liittyen.

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Projektijohtaja, IHAN - Ihmislähtöinen datatalous, Sitra

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Asiantuntija, IHAN- Ihmislähtöinen datatalous, Sitra

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Madis Tiik


Monday 28 May

Conference programme
10.30−11.30 am

Personal Health Record Initiatives

Finnish IHAN – The New International Protocol to Boost Human-Driven Data Economy
Jaana Sinipuro, Project Director, Sitra
Conference programme
2.00−4.30 pm

Workshop: Empowering Patients and Citizens to Become CEOs of their Own Health 

Sitra table:
Drivers for human-driven solution
-How IHAN differs from personal health record? How citizens benefit from IHAN?
-Unregulated lifestyle data sits in silos and is hard to reach – could the MyData approach work and what might be right incentives for sharing?
Sitra side event
(free of charge)
6.30-10.30 pm

Inside insights on IHAN

Introduction to IHAN® – Human-driven data economy
– What´s Human driven data economy all about?
– Presentation of the first version of MyData console used in human-driven elderly care
Future health 3.0 solutions in everyday practice – new ways to interact between health professionals and patients
– Presentation of a first draft proposal for international IHAN work plan
– Spanish dinner

Tuesday 29 May

Sitra side event
(free of charge)
8.30-10.00 am

Inside insights on IHAN – The next steps

Human-driven data economy: what´s in it for me?
The discussion continues in a practical manner. How can I join the network? What kind of governance model would work? Should we establish a foundation? How do we continue with different pilot projects? What are the next steps? All these questions are on the agenda and much more.
Conference programme
10.30−11.30 am

Securing Data, Protecting Privacy

Finnish blueprint for practical implementation of GDPR – New act enabling the secondary use of health and social data
Hannu Hämäläinen, Senior Advisor, Sitra
Conference programme
2.00−4.30 pm

Workshop: Unleashing the Power of Data through primary and secondary use

Sitra hosts tables with the following topics:
Regulated & unregulated data – how to get most from both worlds?
Moderator Jaana Sinipuro
From collaboration opportunities to actions – let’s go for joint pilot, but for what?
Moderator Saara Malkamäki

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